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September 20, 2013
Rappers/Singers: Music Exec Reviewing Music Tonight @8P!

Blogger + Consultant + Brand Manager Roz-O will randomly review music for an hour. For free! Follow her. She follows everyone back. Good Luck! 

- Tyanna + Cassie

March 19, 2013
Want Me To Check Out Your Music? Soundcloud Is Your ONLY Chance!

I’ll review tracks from those who follow me periodically so follow at your own risk! If you land on my ‘Music Reviewed & Approved’ set; I’m vibing to your track(s)! Congrats! My co-sign in the Music Business is HEAVY! I’ve been in the game for years! I follow EVERYONE back. xo

March 9, 2013
Indie/Aspiring Recording Artists Follow + Be Heard On My SoundCloud!

Being that I’ve been in the Music Industry over 12 years working for ALL the major Record Labels & Recording Artists I get hit up ALL the time! I’m a mover + shaker and recognized Tastemaker’ in the game; so understandably aspiring ‘Rap Superstars’, Singers, Song writers and Producers inbox me on Tumblr, tweet me on Twitter, track me down & inbox me on Facebook and attempt to link with me on LinkedIN all to BE HEARD! Well, I created a SoundCloud account where I’ll follow EVERYONE back. I can’t promise that I’ll check out tracks everyday, but this is the best chance you’ll have that I’ll check it out at all! Soooooo go follow now, I’ll follow back! No Risk, No Reward! I wish you ALL the best! Thanks for contacting me. xo @rozOonTheGo

February 7, 2013
THR Interviews DRAKE’S Producer NOAH ‘40’ SHEBIB:

I came across this article on the Life Files and thought I’d share. You know ‘40’ as not only being the producer behind several hits for Drake, but for being a very close friend. He sat down with The Hollywood Reporter ‘to talk about the rappers’ upcoming project and his approach to making hit records.’ Check out excerpts from the interview below. xo @rozOonTheGo

THR: How long does it take you guys to cut a track?
40: Because I’m an engineer and a mixer, we’re mixing. We’re on the move.  By the time we finish a session, the record doesn’t sound that far off to what the people hear. We move very quickly in that regard. By the time we’re done with a session, we could leak it right now. We leak stuff occasionally on purpose. That stuff is all very quick. Those are the references.

THR: Speaking of recording, how much of Drake’s new album is completed?
40: I don’t know, I don’t know. Every day it changes. That’s tough. That’s a hard thing to say. It depends. Because you know we work, and we have ideas and we have songs but as we create more songs, the shape of the album will change and the progression of it will change. As much as we might be sure that we’re on a path and we’re… We’re sort of working sequentially right now. We feel like we have 1, 2, 3, you know we’re going 4, 5, 6. That’s how we’re moving forward, in order of the actual playlist of the album. But as we make more music that fits in other places, it will change and adjust as far as how many songs, or how far we’re going to go so it’s yet to be discovered. We’re still too early to make a call about whether or not we’re half done or a quarter done or 75 percent done. I mean, it could be any of the above.

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

September 22, 2012
INTERVIEW: DIPLO On Snoop Dogg, No Doubt, Major Lazer + Throwing A Damn Good Block Party!

You’re obviously running the gamut of projects — from Snoop’s reggae project to No Doubt to Bieber to Major Lazer to Chris Brown. Does all of this production come from one place and get fine-tuned into different genres, or do you pretty much sit down and devote yourself to one specific sound at a time?

I wish I was just like a music vending machine. But no, I take every one session really seriously. Sometimes one track might carry from one place to the next and I’ll change it to fit that artist. But it’s usually a simple formula — what do I love about this person, what am I good at and how can I help them make the best possible song?

Do you find that most producers tend to limit themselves to one genre ?

I think there are a lot of guys who don’t. Like Rick Rubin, but that’s a different generation. All these guys in my scene are definitely not able to maneuver between genres very easy. Some carved out their own genres like Pharrell or Timbaland — they are who inspire me.

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July 10, 2012
Collectively these young producers have produced for Kanye, Jay-Z, A$ap Rocky, Adele, Justin Bieber and Drake! Great sound guys! Keep at it! xo @RozOonThego
Follow @Hit_Boy @clammyclams 



Collectively these young producers have produced for Kanye, Jay-Z, A$ap Rocky, Adele, Justin Bieber and Drake! Great sound guys! Keep at it! xo @RozOonThego

Follow @Hit_Boy @clammyclams 

May 19, 2011
"@rozoonthego thank u mama u da fukin best!!"

— via @ThaBizness (Producers of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” HIT)

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