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January 14, 2014
Scott Selvin Talks SR1990 Bags With Milk Made!

I’m not a fan of snakes, so I don’t think I could personally carry these, but I thought the designs were pretty dope & I wanted to share with you all! Read the interview here. xo ROZ-O!

Scott Selvin’s SR1990 builds bags made with half the wildlife found in the Nile. Pythons, anacondas and crocodiles have all donated their skins to make 50 Cent and other SR clients look good. 50 isn’t the only big name calling Scott’s number – WyclefMac Miller and the ASAP Mob have rocked his custom bags, though none of them went as far as 50 by requesting a bulletproof design (which is actually possible). Milk Made visited Scott’s office down the street from Times Square to talk about how he got started and what he’s designing next, like a stash pocket so invisible that owners can’t even find it.”

January 3, 2014
Wait? Mac Miller Has Four Albums Done?!

Looks like 2014 will be Miller time! I have to say that this is rather ambitious. My first thought was, it’s too much and too much content could hurt, rather than help. However, content is king in this day and age. Consumers can’t seem to get enough and with all the outlets to express your opinion, I’m pretty sure they’ll let Mac Miller know if enough is enough!

'In a recent interview with MTV, the Pittsburgh MC said, “I have four albums done right now - not done, but four albums that have a foundation and have at least seven songs on each of them.” He did express that he was uncertain whether he’d release the music as four albums. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see how he’ll release the arsenal of content he has! 

Click the title link & read more at the source: RollingStone. xo Roz-O!

September 3, 2013


Annnnd guess who popped up to offer his talents??! MAC MILLER! Check it out.

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August 22, 2013


What beautiful voices! AG and The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes collaborated and it works! The track will be featured in the film ‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’ which is in theaters now.  You’ll get to see footage from the film in the video as well. The track will appear on Ariana’s debut album ‘Yours Truly’ dropping September 3rd and on the films’ soundtrack which dropped August 20th.

According to Billboard, ‘Grande’s breakout hit “The Way” (featuring Mac Miller) remains at No. 20 on the current Hot 100 chart, while Sykes and his Wanted mates recently debuted a new single, “We Own The Night.”

Good stuff! xo @rozOonTheGo

July 24, 2013


Miller dropped new visuals for the single off his latest album Watching Movies With The Sound Off. It features Niki Randa. Check it out!


July 23, 2013
Mac Miller seems to ‘surprise’ Earl Sweatshirt at quite a few performances! Here he dropped in during a secret show presented by Vitamin Water and FADER at an autobody shop in NY! Good stuff! Nice shot!
DORIS the album, coming soon!

photo: Jessica Lehrman


Mac Miller seems to ‘surprise’ Earl Sweatshirt at quite a few performances! Here he dropped in during a secret show presented by Vitamin Water and FADER at an autobody shop in NY! Good stuff! Nice shot!

DORIS the album, coming soon!


photo: Jessica Lehrman

July 19, 2013


I’ve had this discussion with a few peers of mine in the Music Industry so I was happy to see the YN from RapRadar touch on this. We all know that Mac dropped 'Watching Movies With The Sound' off on June 18th; the same day as J. Cole’s 'Born Sinner' and Kanye’s 'Yeezus'. Some feel his album was overshadowed by those releases. I enjoy Mac Miller’s music and I anticipated the release of his album, but like many, I was more excited about the releases from Ye and Cole. Did it have anything to do with the challenge? To some, maybe, but for me, it’s because I’m a huge fan of the aforementioned!

Check out Mr. Wilson speaking with Mac’s partner Q on ‘whether or not hip-hop is sleeping on the fish that saved Pittsburgh.’

#salute YN. #rozOonTheGo

July 12, 2013


Enjoy the visuals and get Watching Movies With The Sound Off on iTunes now: .. xo @rozOonTheGo!

#salute Mac Miller!

June 28, 2013

Congratulations to Mr. Kanye West, not only on the #1 album, but on his baby girl! According to Nielsen Soundscan 'Yeezus' sold 327, 000 copies it’s opening week, making it his 7th #1 studio album. In other words, all of his albums have gone #1! Salute the god!

The Challenger that is J. Cole didn’t do so bad either! He came in at #2 selling 297,000 of ‘Born Sinner’! Cole’s debut album, ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story’ sold 217,000 copies it’s opening week back in 2011. I’m proud of that young man with the crooked smile! Great chess move, great sales, great album! Cole World! 

Mac Miller wasn’t going to be left out. He sold 102,000 copies of 'Watching Movies with the Sound Off' landing him at the #3 spot! That leaves Miss Kelly Rowland who’s ‘Talk a Good Game’ came in at Number 4, which makes this her fourth Top 5 album! 

Congratulations to them all!

Check out all the details at the source: Billboard.


June 24, 2013


G.O.O.D. Music will be dropping Big Sean’s second album this Summer! 'HALL OF FAME' will be available August 27th! The Detroit rapper took to YouTube to make the announcement. We have a few good months of music! Kanye, Mac Miller & J. Cole (June 18), Drake (Sep. 17), Jay-Z (Independence Day!) and now Big Sean! Who’s next! Ha!


June 8, 2013

EARL SWEATSHIRT has revealed that he’ll drop ‘DORIS’ in July!

"I’m wrapping everything up so it’s coming out in July," Earl told MTV Australia. “I can’t wait for this shit to come out already so I can finally exhale.”

The Odd Future kiddo will be performing at Bonnaroo next weekend. He’ll do a solo set and perform next to the man RZA, DJ Jazzy Jeff, that Black Hippy ScHoolboy Q, Solange & That Neptune - Chad Hugo for the festival’s Superjam on Friday June 14th!

Check out Earl and Mac Miller at the Low End Theory in the above video.


June 8, 2013
Did We Forget About MAC MILLER? #June18th

With all the talk about J. COLE (The Challenger) moving his album date up to compete with KANYE who is also dropping on June 18th, some of us forgot that Mac Miller is in the running for that #1 spot as well. I actually didn’t forget, personally, I believe it’s clearly between Cole and Ye; but the underdog could surprise Us. Mac Miller definitely has a huge following and 'Watching Movies With the Sound Off' shouldn’t be counted out.


Cole has made quite a few chess moves; he’s dropped a few tracks from 'Born Sinner', performed at a few places, announced a tour and conducted interviews to promote his June 18th release. Kanye on the other hand, blessed us with a couple tracks, a possible album cover, SNL performances and a few video projections around the globe to increase the anticipation surrounding 'Yeezus'. Mac’s released new music and decided on fan-centric and a multimedia roll-out, believing that ‘an album isn’t a vehicle for promoting a slew of singles.’

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May 28, 2013
New Music: Goosebumpz - MAC MILLER (Produced by Diplo)

May 28, 2013
Style On-The-Go: MAC MILLER + Neff

I can always count on Hypebeast to keep me in the loop on fashion that interest myself and my followers! Apparently, Mac Miller isn’t only dropping his 3rd album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off (June 18), he’s teamed up with Neff to create the "MacLock" wristwatch and the "MillTop" hat. As you can see, the items were clearly inspired by Navajo prints and tie-dye. It’s pretty cool that the watch features Millers’ "Most Dope" thumbs up logo!


The Mac Miller x Neff products 2013 Spring/Summer Collection will be available June 6th at Zumiez stores and The ‘MacLock’ retails for $35 and the ‘MillTop’ hat retails for $28. See a picture of the hat after the jump! xo @rozOonTheGo

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May 23, 2013


Watch as Kendrick, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock let you know about their up coming good kid, m.A.Ad city Tour…

Download Black Hippy “U.O.E.N.O” Remix:

I’m definitely apart of the ‘official remix’ movement; I advocate it on twitter. Some folks get a pass and these Black Hippy guys are some of them! They’re not doing it for a come up, they already came up. So, download it and enjoy; it’s HOT! xo Follow @rozOonTheGo 

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