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July 7, 2012

LEE HAWKINS OF THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Interviews THE KARDASHIAN SISTERS. Salute to these sisters! I respect anyone who dreams, puts work behind it and doesn’t take it for granted! Keep at it girls! xo @RozOonTheGo

July 6, 2012

VIDEO:  KRIS JENNER sits with Lee Hawkins of The Wall Street Journal to discuss THE KARDASHIAN/JENNER Business.. excuse me Empire!

People can say what they want about Kris the manager, but this woman is so business savvy and she has assured that her family is taken care of for life! I have a strong respect for her, I know what goes into Management and she’s managing not one, but several of her kids. The TV Show is a great marketing tool for their Brand; but that alone won’t sell the many products the girls now have, nor will it run the many businesses that they’ve created. It takes hard work and 18 hour days to maintain the success they have. So love it or hate; the Kardashian’s aren’t going anywhere and when and if they do, The JENNER girls are already burning a hot trail of their own! I wish them all continued success! xo @RozOonThego

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