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July 7, 2012
KANYE WEST Owned The Stage at REVEL!

I’m ‘on the Go’ so I’ll let Matthew Trammell give you the highlights of the entire show! It was an AMAZING show, backstage was energized and can I just say that West has every right to think he’s the shit! He didn’t perform any songs from ‘Watch The Throne’ and his only guest appearance was by Pusha T; but let’s face it, Ye had hits on top of hits before WTT and he’s been a one man show! I thought it was cute when he motioned to Kim K on the line, “I admit I fell in love with Kim” who had tweeted her excitement for the show earlier in the evening. He’s a talent that’ll be around for awhile on many levels! xo @RozOonThego


"As a man, I’m not perfect," Kanye West confessed halfway through his set at the lavish Revel Resort in Atlantic City Friday night. “But my music is! I make perfect music!” It was hard to argue. As the already-iconic MC bounced around five albums of material, complete with lavish stage sets and a bevy of dancers, it was clear that West loved his catalogue more than anyone else in the auditorium. “This is the best you’ll ever get it!”

Divided into three acts, West’s first solo headlining show in over a year traced the engrossing narrative of his career, from his humble, everyman beginnings to the blissful highs and painful lows. He opened the show atop a large crane, floating over the audience to “Dark Fantasy” with calm, focused eyes and a simple all-white ensemble.

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