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September 12, 2013

April 23, 2013


Check out the official single from Millers’ sophomore album, "Watching Movies With The Sound Off." Ok, interesting title! FYI S.D.S. stands from: Somebody Do Something. It’ll be available on iTunes at Midnight tonight! #rozOonTheGo

"I’ve been working harder on this album than any project i have ever been a part of. This is by far the most time I have spent on an album. The album has gone thru so much. i only wish u were here to witness this process. but maybe its better u just get the finished product," Mac Miller tweeted about “Watching Movies With the Sound Off.” “i have been killing myself with anticipation, waiting to give this to you all. after 9 LONG ass months. it’s finally time to get started.”

New Single by Mac. For Promotional Purposes only.

August 6, 2012
NICKI MINAJ Speaks On New Clothing Line:

Minaj called from the midst of her Roman Reloaded tour to chat with Rolling Stone about her style projects, her “Pound the Alarm” video and her Olympic pride. She also took the opportunity to escalate her cheeky fashion-mogul rivalry with her mentor, Lil Wayne; Macy’s is scarcely prepared.

Excerpts From The Interview:

Youve had several style collaborations this year – first MAC Viva Glam, then OPI, now Adidas. Do you have any more fashion projects on the horizon?

Well, I’m putting my fragrance out in September. We’re also working on the clothing line – I’m trying to launch that next year. We have the designs, the designers, all of that stuff. We’re just looking for a place and deciding where we’re gonna go with the brand. We’ve had a couple offers from a lot of big players. I’m really looking forward to it because I feel like my fans are always asking me, “Where’d you get this? Where’d you get that?” and sometimes they can’t afford certain things, so my biggest goal was to make a line that was going to be affordable to my fans and also rich enough in quality that they’ll feel like they’re wearing exactly what I’m wearing. I’m really excited about that.

Can you describe one outfit or give us an idea of what exactly will be in the clothing line?

It’ll be Harajuku Barbie, put it that way. I think it’ll kinda have both those alter egos somewhere in there.

Check out the entire interview at RollingStone

April 9, 2011

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