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March 4, 2013

I’m SO glad that I came across this article on!

You may not know these women but you should. I blog about many things being that this is a lifestyle blog and ‘service’ is a part of my lifestyle. Natalie & Derrica Wilson started their own non-profit foundation in 2008 geared toward helping minority families find missing loved ones. They work closely ‘with police, the media and the families themselves, they have helped locate more than 113 missing people - 71 alive.’ How AMAZING is that?! According to the article the decision to start the foundation ‘came in 2004, when a young African-American woman named Tamika Hutson vanished from her Spartanburg, S.C., apartment.’ The ladies later decided to ‘take charge’ after other abductions followed, as Derrica explained, ”It was painful watching them struggle for any kind of media coverage – local or national. This could have been one of my family members.” 

I admire these women and the many others who are doing things just like this every day and I commend People for posting this story! xo @rozOonThego

For the full story, click here.

photo credit: shaul schwartz

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