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October 31, 2012

So by now you all have heard about the impressive Number 1 (Red) Billboard 200 Chart debut by Miss TAYLOR SWIFT and the GREAT Number 2 (GKMC) debut by rapper KENDRICK LAMAR. Both artists gave me hope for my Industry of Music! First, Taylor moved 1.208 million copies of ‘Red’ it’s first week according to Nielsen Soundscan. This is the largest sales week for an album since EMINEM dropped ‘The Eminem Show’ which sold 1.322 million it’s first week, debuting at Number 1 as well!

Regarding KENDRICK LAMAR, I expected huge numbers in the 175-200K range but he blew us away with 241K! Moving 241,000 units of ‘Good kid m.a.a.D kid’ it’s debut week is super impressive!! According to nielsen/billboard the last male artist to do bigger sales numbers during it’s first week was DRAKE with ‘Thank Me Later’ selling 447,000 it’s first week in 2010! 

I love my job! Who says you can no longer move units! What’s your audience looking like? Ha! xo @RozOonTheGo

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