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October 27, 2012


So I’ve posted about @ElliottWilson’s 'THE TRUTH' series brought to Us by JAY Z’S Life + Times Youtube channel (subscribe) since it launched. In the video above is what I call the 4th dose of THE TRUTH

Rapper KENDRICK LAMAR had and still does have the internet going nuts over his latest release 'Good Kid M.a.a.D City' and it rubbed some Industry heads the wrong way when people jumped to call the album ‘a classic’. One of my good friends and a well known Core DJ, @DjImpact tweeted his frustrations about all the ‘hype’ behind #GKMC and Of course I responded. I had actually tweeted the night before that I thought it was a classic, but while corresponding with DJ Impact I recanted that (very rare for me) saying, that ‘Maybe I pushed it with [donning] it [#GKMC] with ‘classic’  without living with it, but that I never hyped [the album]’. I have always believed that you have to ‘live with’ an album before calling it wack or before calling it a classic. In the case of #GKMC, like many other Industry heads, I believe we were just so happy to have some GOOD music from an artist with ‘classic’ potential that we allowed that excitement to get to Us a bit; ok, a lot. I never hyped the album, I waited to hear it and I tweeted without thinking; happens to the best of us! I didn’t delete my shit though! Ha! 

After this friendly debate with my homie on twitter, the latest dose of Elliott Wilson’s THE TRUTH hit the net and I happen to agree with him, as usual. You guys would know if I didn’t! By now, you know that I don’t hold much in ;)! So, having said all that, check out the latest from one of the Industry’s greatest! xo @RozOonthego

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