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October 25, 2012


#tbt @RozOonTheGo pictured with¬†Mason Betha aka Ma$e and Bobby Brown outside of Justin’s Restaraunt after 24 hours of shooting the classic video for ‘All About The Benjamin’s’ somewhere in New Jersey! B.I.G. was missing but his presence was definitely felt on the set.¬†Lil Kim, Puff & The Lox represented well! We were all exhausted but Puff insisted that we head back to Justin’s for a family breakfast and most of us headed straight to the office after breakfast. Hard work pays off! By the way, Bobby Brown is frowning because his bodyguard was yelling at him to come on! I’ve been in the game over 12 years and it’s memories like these that keep me going and focused on leaving my footprints firmly imprinted in this game! I’m wondering where my Bad Boy Records jacket is now that I’m wearing in the pictures! Ha!

xo @RozOonTheGo

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