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August 7, 2012
A $250,000 Bottle Of Nail Polish?!

Yes, it exists. Fine jeweler Azature is now bringing its signature black diamonds to the beauty world in the form of the most expensive nail polish - ever! The sparkling lacquer is infused with 267 carats of black diamonds, and there is only one limited edition bottle, adding to the hefty price tag.
Since we all can’t own this one $250,000 bottle of diamond polish, Azature is also making a $25 version that also contains real black diamonds and has a similar finish to the original. You get get your fingers on the “cheaper” version at Fred Segal.

Spotted @ BeautyBlitz

Ummm yeah, the idea of wearing this expensive polish is cute but I would NEVER spend that much on nail polish! Even when I become a billionaire :)! I hope they announce who actually purchases this ONE bottle of diamonds!! xo @RozOonTheGo

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