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August 6, 2012
The First Lady Covers Ladies’ Home Journal!

Be sure to pick up the issue on Friday August 10th! In the meantime check out a few excerpts below via LHJ:

How can we get more women to be leaders, whether in Washington or on their home turf?

Michelle Obama: We have to start with them while they’re young and instill in girls a sense of confidence. That’s why sports are so important. They teach you how to compete — how to fall down and get back up. And there are organizations like the Girl Scouts: They nurture self-confidence and give girls the chance to practice being in charge. We’ve got to give young women the opportunities to be leaders.

Mr. President, what is it about your wife that makes people sit up and listen to her?

President Obama: Well, she’s very smart. She’s a wonderful speaker. She’s very cute.

Michelle Obama: Thanks for this question. I wanted to see what he had to say [laughs].

President Obama: Having said all those things, the quality I love most about her is, she’s honest and genuine. I think that comes across to people. They get a sense that they can trust her. You know, the word “authenticity” is overused these days. But I do think it captures what folks are looking for — not just in leaders, but also in friends and in coworkers — and that is, folks who are on the level. People like that tell you what they think and don’t have a bunch of hidden motives. That’s who Michelle is. She’s also funny. She’s the funniest person in our family.

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