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July 25, 2012

JOJO’S 21 years old now and she’d like to ‘DEMONSTRATE’! Check out her new single and excerpts from a recent convo with Billboard.

"We came up with something I’m really proud of and it felt like the right thing," she says. "I just released a new single called ‘Demonstrate’ which is the first release off the new project. I’m shooting the video for it the first week of August so I’m just getting mentally and physically prepared for that and really conceptualizing and being in the studio and creating."

JoJo says her new album will be a feel-good experience — “something that is musical but still on the cutting edge yet still has an element of nostalgia. It makes me feel the way that hip-hop and R&B in the 90’s kind of makes me feel.” She’s striving for it to be “crazy, sexy, and cool” while representing a different type of young woman.

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