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July 18, 2012

All 32 NFL franchises made¬†Forbes¬†magazine’s list of the world’s 50 most valuable sports teams for 2012. It’s also no surprise the top two teams are heated rivals from the league’s highest-profile division, the NFC East.

Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys ($1.85 billion) trump Daniel Synder’s Washington Redskins ($1.56 billion) by a considerable margin for No. 1 overall. The Super Bowl champion New York Giants aren’t far behind at No. 4 valued at $1.3 billion. The Philadelphia Eagles round out the division’s financial prowess at No. 7, coming in at $1.16 billion.

In all, 15 NFL teams are worth $1 billion or more. The Jacksonville Jaguars, who turned their ownership over to Shad Khan this year, have the lowest value at $725 million.

Pulling just the NFL clubs from Forbes’ overall top 50, here is how they rank from 1-32 (team, value, owner):

1. Dallas Cowboys, $1.85 billion, Jerry Jones

2. Washington Redskins, $1.56 billion, Daniel Snyder

3. New England Patriots, $1.4 billion, Robert Kraft

4. New York Giants, $1.3 billion, John Mara, Steve Tisch

5. New York Jets, $1.23 billion, Woody Johnson

6. Houston Texans, $1.2 billion, Bob McNair

7. Philadelphia Eagles, $1.16 billion, Jeffrey Lurie

8. Chicago Bears, $1.09 billion, McCaskey family

9. Green Bay Packers, $1.09 billion, Shareholder-owned

10. Baltimore Ravens, $1.09 billion, Steve Bisciotti

11. Indianapolis Colts, $1.06 billion, Jim Irsay

12. Denver Broncos, $1.05 billion, Pat Bowlen

13. Pittsburgh Steelers, $1.02 billion, Dan Rooney, Art Rooney II

14. Miami Dolphins, $1.01 billion, Stephen Ross

15. Carolina Panthers, $1 billion, Jerry Richardson

16. Seattle Seahawks, $997 million, Paul Allen

17. San Francisco 49ers, $990 million, Denise DeBartolo York, John York

18. Kansas City Chiefs, $986 million, Lamar Hunt family

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, $981 million, Malcolm Glazer

20. Cleveland Browns, $977 million, Randy Lerner

21. New Orleans Saints, $965 million, Tom Benson

22. Tennessee Titans, $964 million, Bud Adams

23. San Diego Chargers, $920 million, Spanos family

24. Arizona Cardinals, $901 million, Bill Bidwill

25. Cincinnati Bengals, $875 million, Mike Brown

26. Detroit Lions, $844 million, William Clay Ford

27. Atlanta Falcons, $814 million, Arthur Blank

28. Minnesota Vikings, $796 million, Zygi Wilf

29. Buffalo Bills, $792 million, Ralph Wilson Jr.

30. St. Louis Rams, $775 million, Stan Kroenke

31. Oakland Raiders, $761 million, Davis family

32. Jacksonville Jaguars, $725 million, Shad Khan

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