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July 10, 2012
DJ EARWORM Making Music With Summer Olympic Games!

Though rampant speculation has suggested British artists like the Spice Girls and Paul McCartney will open the London Summer Olympic games, there is one American artist confirmed to be a part of the two-week festivities: DJ Earworm, the musician renowned for his immensely popular year-end “United State of Pop” remixes.

Approached in April by Olympics’ organizers, Earworm has been commissioned for a series of 10 mini-mixes to play in the stadiums as the games take place. The tracks, ranging in length from 10 to 15 minutes, have been a challenge to complete in the timeframe he was allotted, claims the DJ/producer. “It wasn’t as long as I hoped, for a project of this scale,” Earworm said during an exclusive interview with Billboard. “I’m trying to make it as detailed as possible, but at the same time there’s two hours, so it’s a balance of detail versus … it’s gotta be long enough.”


I love love love to see DeeJay’s doing great things! I support the DJ! xo @RozOOnTheGo

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